About Us


In our website you’ll find the best selection and highest quality of durable soft goods out there, including beanies, trucker hats, and a to help you enjoy the great outdoors. We strive to make sure no detail is missed when we build our gear, and we know you’ll appreciate the love we put into everything we sell.

Our company started out as a small family oriented operation where two motivated graphic designers sold t-shirts to friends and family for fun after spending several years in the design, branding, and sportswear worlds.

As our journey continues, we hope you’ll keep in

touch with us and check in from time to time. We’re always working to put our best ideas into production and bring you some of the coolest and highest quality gear out there. Our mission is to continue to learn, grow, and improve our product line to make sure when you buy and wear Branded, our standards are always met and your expectations are exceeded.

Email or post a picture of you wearing Branded gear wherever in the world you are. We’ll add your photo to our Branded Instagram page. Also, if we really like your picture, we’ll send you a free t-shirt or hat of your choice.


What our client says about us

I love BRANDED! their products are good quality and their fit is perfect! I always recommend them to all of my friends and family



Good quality products and great  fit thanks!